Conformance & Performance
with PASS/PAIL results

Multivendor ACS to CPE
interoperability certification


MeTro.69 is a Windows software tool designed to validate the TR-069 protocol --supported by any CPE-- according to the Broadband Forum specifications. The process is automatic consequently it reduces testing time while providing trusted results, reports and traceability.

MeTro.69 facilitates the complete validation of customer routers by means of a comprehensive Library of Test Cases and Broadband Forum data models (i.e. TR-181) that are also provided with the application. User will also enjoy with tools to set up complex scenarios such as ftp, http and STUN servers, BBF compliant ACS, traffic generator and analyser. Users can edit proprietary test cases without the need of experts. MeTro.69 can work against commercial ACS brands. Wireshark connection is provided for debugging tasks.

MeTro.69 in operation

Key Features

  • TR-069 compliance verification in CPEs
  • User Test Cases according to user needs
  • Wireshark support to debug
  • Includes all Data Models: TR-098, TR-181, TR-111, TR-104, TR-106, TR-135, TR-140, TR-142, TR-143, TR-157, TR-196 and more
  • Conformance + Performance
  • PASS/FAIL criteria
  • Automatic report generator
  • Window Software tool


  • Reduces the testing process from 3 weeks to 3 days
  • Increases traceability and reliability of results
  • Consolidates results interpretation based on defined criteria
  • Optimizes Vendor & Telecom Operator coordination
  • Saves thousands of dollars by testing a CPE on time
  • Minimizes user interaction
  • No need for soft engineers
  • Certify multi-vendor ACS to CPE interoperability


Users and its Applications

  • CPE Vendors
  • Telecom Operators
  • Testing Labs
  • Chipset Vendors
  • ACS Vendors