Network Clocks

Accurate and reliable timing is an essential factor to keep the stability and safety in the power grid as well as in other relevant sectors of the industry –including Telecom, Finance, Broadcast, IoT, and Industrial automation–. Timing is so crucial that small perturbations may induce a power blackout, phone call breaks, chaos in airports or cause millionaire losses in the stock market. The state-of-the-art is the Precision Time Protocol (PTP) which improves accuracy and robustness to the level required by most of the industries requiring timing.

Net.Time Ω

Net.Time Ω is a PTP Master clock with Telecom and Power profiles Rubidium oscillator that supports SyncE, IRIG-B, 1PPS, ToD, SyncE, E1/T1, MHz as input/output timing. Net.Time simplifies the provision of timing and the integration of legacy an new time standards.


Net.Time φ

Net.Time φ is a clock equipped with 2 x Gb/s port that is able to manage 512 PTP unicast clients, 22 outputs and 9 time references. Rubidium / OCXO are optional and it supports PRP, PTP, NTP, ToD, n x PPS, IRIG-B, DCF77, MHz, T1, E1.