Zeus: world favorite for IEC 61850 & Conventional substations

Zeus is an advanced test platform to set up communication, protection and synchronism infrastructures. It is equipped with a large touch-screen to facilitate the test execution and results interpretation. Zeus has multiple test ports and time reference inputs and outputs to meet the requirements you have to install, monitor and maintain Power Utilities infrastructures based on Ethernet / IP / TCP / UDP, T1 / E1 and Serial Datacom. From Canada to Australia Zeus is not only the engineers' favorite tool for GOOSE / SV protocol analysis, but it is also the best tester to emulate and measure PTP, SNTP, SyncE, IRIG-B or PPS and the most comprehensive instrument to ensure C37.94 perfect set up.

Zeus can be equipped with OCXO or a built-in atomic Rubidium clock to ensure perfect synchronization across the WAN and Substation

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What's up

  • Mar-12th. Test Suite for Conventional & IEC 61850 Utilities
  • Mar-11th. Zeus new version 1.2.1
  • Feb-05th. Work in ALBEDO, new jobs
  • Feb-02nd. Two new T1/E1 and Optical-to-Electrical modules
  • Jan-15th. xGenius new version 2.4.1
  • Jan-08th. Net.Time Power new features and modules
  • Jan-08th. Test y mediciones en Substaciones (Spanish)
  • Dec-26th. Testes e Medições Webinar UTCAL (Portuguese)

  • 2021 Trade Shows

    Providence (RI)
    Moved to 2021

    Rio de Jan (Brazil)
    23-26 Aug 2021

    New Delhi (India)
    Oct 27-29 2021

    Barcelona (Europe)
    Jun 28 - 1 Jul 2021

    San Jose (CA)
    Mar 15-19 2021

    PTP/NTP/GOOSE/SV protocol test

    ALBEDO announces a new version of xGenius and Zeus with outstanding features such as Protocol Analysis, custom phase generation, NTP test/emulation, double E1/T1 port, new charts...
    NTP testing with xGenius
    GOOSE analysis with Zeus

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