Net.Time next generation timing

Net.Time is a new generation clock conceived to simplify transition to the more accurate IEEE 1588 / PTP timing. Net.Time provides seamless translation between protocols i.e. from NTP, PTP, SyncE, ToD or IRIG-B to PTP and viceversa. It also facilitates the interconnection between different PTP networks as it supports Telecom and Power profiles. Equipped with a Rubidium or OCXO oscillator, Net.Time supports the widest variety of time references and distribution signals in order to simplify the synchronization of new and legacy appliances.

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What's up

  • Feb-05th. Work in ALBEDO, new jobs
  • Feb-02nd. Two new T1/E1 and Optical-to-Electrical modules
  • Jan-15th. Zeus new version 1.2.1
  • Jan-15th. xGenius new version 2.4.1
  • Jan-08th. Net.Time Power new features and modules
  • Jan-08th. Test y mediciones en Substaciones (Spanish)
  • Dec-26th. Testes e Medições Webinar UTCAL (Portuguese)
  • Dec-26th. Net.Time adds new timing modules

  • 2021 Trade Shows

    Providence (RI)
    Moved to 2021

    Rio de Jan (Brazil)
    23-26 Aug 2021

    New Delhi (India)
    Oct 27-29 2021

    Barcelona (Europe)
    Jun 28 - 1 Jul 2021

    San Jose (CA)
    Mar 15-19 2021

    PTP/NTP/GOOSE/SV protocol test

    ALBEDO announces a new version of xGenius and Zeus with outstanding features such as Protocol Analysis, custom phase generation, NTP test/emulation, double E1/T1 port, new charts...
    NTP testing with xGenius
    GOOSE analysis with Zeus

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