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About us

ALBEDO is a manufacturer of Clocks, Testers, Emulators and Taps that are used by Utilities, Telcos, Railways, Armies, Aerospace and R&D centers. A typical ALBEDO product is an electronic appliance equipped with CPU, FPGAs, Oscillator, GNSS and a number of interfaces capable of handling and processing protocols such as Ethernet/IP, PTP, NTP, SyncE, IRIG-B, PRP, T1/E1, C37. 94, Datacom and GOOSE. ALBEDO products are used in more than 90 countries: (a) Net.Time provides timing to electrical substations, banks, airports and wireless networks, (b) xGenius testers are preferred by field engineers to install, monitor and maintain infrastructures that control critical services such as internet, electricity and transportation.

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  • At ALBEDO, we turn ideas into tangible, manufacturable solutions. With our understanding of timing, quality control systems, test and measurement, engineering, production processes, and most importantly, the end user - their behavior and needs - we seek to enrich the user experience at all levels. We develop projects from the ground up, with special emphasis on aesthetics and ergonomics.

    Quality Policy

    ALBEDO is an ISO9001 certified company. ALBEDO's mission is to be the best technological partner for our customers, providing them with products to install, synchronize, monitor and troubleshoot transmission resources. ALBEDO designs and markets products with a high level of sophistication and added value where accuracy and reliability are essential in a changing technological environment. Customer satisfaction is our goal and the main driver of our improvement: Quality Policy statement.

    In order to achieve this level of satisfaction ALBEDO establishes the following general objectives in the Quality Management System:

    • Customer Orientation, understanding their expectations and requirements.
    • Excellence in Design, tracking the technological evolution.
    • Continuous Learning of our staff, to track the standars new technologies and market changes.
    • Permanent innovation that is reflected in our products.

    ALBEDO's management is fully committed to improving the quality management system to ensure strict compliance with legal and regulatory requirements specific to ALBEDO's activities.

    RoHS compliance statement

    ALBEDO is committed to providing products that comply with the RoHS Directive, which applies to all electrical and electronic equipment and restricts the use of six hazardous substances: Lead (Pb), Mercury (Hg), Cadmium (Cd), Hexavalent Chromium (Cr VI), Polybrominated Biphenyls (PBB), Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers (PBDE).

    REACH compliance statement

    ALBEDO is a manufacturer of electronic hardware and is therefore considered a downstream user for the purposes of the REACH regulations, which means that the registration of substances used in the manufacture of articles does not apply to ALBEDO.

    Refusal of conflict metals

    ALBEDO as an organization, including its factory located in Europe, only purchases raw materials from companies and other business groups that have adopted the Responsible Minerals Initiative (RMI) and assess their trade in accordance with the Responsible Minerals Assurance Process. See our ALBEDO Conflict Mineral Policy.

    Customers in 85 Countries on 5 Continents

    Since its foundation ALBEDO has always been innovating in the fields of synchronization, networking and testing. ALBEDO has thousands of customers in the five continent including operators, manufacturers, R+D centers, universities, military forces and police:

    General Atomics, National Grid, Somet, Siemens, SEL, GE, CISCO, Nokia, Hitachi, UTE Telecomunicaciones, Network Testers, NPC Ukrenergo, Vodafone, Network Rail, Aldeas Ltd., Vodafone, ABB, NATS, ADNOC, Bahcesehir University, SMTT LA CHARGUIA, Delta Electronics, CHT, Swissgrid, SAK, ABB, REE, Volta Xarxa SLU, Cellnex, Broadcast, Pandacom, NATO, ETOBB Co. Ltd., Multi-Tech Co., STS, GE Grid Solution, Poznan University of Technology, Bitstream, Nakama Soluciones S.A.C., Conelsur, Atenas Energía S.a., STATNETT, Maroc Telecom, Sarawak Electricity, NATO, ETOBB Co. Ltd., Yokogawa, Midwex, Intertek, Logic Lab S.R.L., PT Abhimata, Telkom Media, PT NEC Indonesia, PT Samara, BEL, CESC, Khushi Communications Pvt. Ltd., STPI Bangalore, BEL, Siemens, Eratronics, Valiant, Punjab Communication, INVAS Technologies, PolyNet Kft., Meimberg, Denk-Stein, Bosch, SNCF, RTE, Wavetel, ALCATEL, SNCF, RTE, DGA, NATO Luxemburg, Tampereen Sähköpalvelu Oy, UNACH, TTC Telekomunikace A.S., Air Traffic Control, Dapu Telecom Technology Co., Ltd., Seedland Solutions Limited, Scadatech Ltda., Manitoba Hydro, AltaLink, SCI Networks Inc., City of Edmonton, Hydro Quebec, Hydro Quebec, EDP, Electrosul, Precision Solutions, OTN Systems N.V., OTN Systems NV, TCM Beratungs-und-Handelsgesmbh, ZNX, Western Power, Powerlink, Western Power, Ergon, Energex, Telefonica, ABB, ADVA, Siemens, CISCO, UTE, Meinberg, Microsemi, Vodafone, Vivo, China Telecom, Orange, NATO, Telefonica, Telmex, Claro, Wind, Bosch, Man, Bahrat, Indra, REE, BSNL, Tata and many more.


    Engineers, today working for ALBEDO, have designed and developed outstanding solutions:

  • 1983: ICT 2017: world first PCM analyzer with microprocessor
  • 1989: ICT 2045: portable multiplexer from 64 kbit/s up to 140 Mbit/s
  • 1991: ICT 2040: OEM to HP and then Agilent
  • 1994: Flexacom: multitechnolgy transmission platform
  • 1999: Victoria: world first hand-held tester SONET/SDH tester
  • 2004: Combo: world first stackable SONET/SDH tester
  • 2009: Net.Shark: world first hand-held tap with active filters
  • 2012: Net.Storm: world first handy wirespeed WAN emulator
  • 2014: Ether10.Genius: world smallest 10Gb/s Ethernet tester
  • 2017: Net.Sync: PTP Grand Master Clock
  • 2018: xGenius: transmission & synchronization tester
  • 2019: Zeus: Utility tester for legacy and IEC-61850 substations
  • 2021: Net.Time φ: PTP/NTP/PRP/IRIGB clock for Utilities
  • 2022: Net.Time Ω: PTP/NTP modular clock with display for any Application
  • 2023: Net.Time Τ: PTP/NTP/SyncE clock for the Telecom and Wireless industry
  • Publications

    We are also authors of several books about Telecoms and Synchronization :



    The Dreamers

    Ladies and gentlemen... the ALBEDO dream team !!


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