Tools & Labs

Acceptance test suites & Interconnectivity Labs allow the execution of comprehensive testing in a controlled environment that completely emulate a real telecom network in a rack. ALBEDO is a global supplier of customized laboratories capable to define and execute testing suites to validate the TR-069 protocol, or to ensure the quality and capacity of PTP synchronization Nodes, PBX and fax based on VoIP, Analog and Digital voice Analysis and more.

Our test results make it easy for you to decide if the products meet your business requirements, and if they do, you can use our test reports to make sure that the equipment gets shamelessly integrated into your network.

  • Evaluation of New Solutions Evaluating all the technology that is available today can be a very time consuming task. By taking advantage of our expertise in networking and convergence, you can make this task a lot easier

  • Approval: devices must conform not only international standards, but also the particular implementation of each deployment.

  • Acceptance: provide the functionality needed and are compatible with existing technologies.

  • Selection: test intended to compare devices from different vendors, with a view to choosing one.

  • Interoperability: between equipment of different vendors is the goal of most vendors and operators today.

  • Internetworking: new deployments must operate with legacy technologies as well as core networks


ALBEDO VoIP.Master develops advanced turn-up and maintenance tools for VoIP and Unified Communications allowing technicians to rapidly turn-up and maintain VoIP trunks and hosted services, VoIP servers, VoIP PBX, terminal equipment, in Carrier, Enterprise and cloud environments..



Advanced testing tool that automates the whole TR-069 testing process of a router and other type of CPEs. It facilitates the complete router validation by means of a Library of test cases provided with the tool that also supports all BBF data models reducing time while providing reports and traceability.