A bit more than Emulation

These two products are more than emulators because they can really reaplace the object being emulated, or simulated depending on how you understand.

Net.Storm is able to simulate any network condition to check how tolerant your services, protocols and devices are when quality / capacity degradations occur. It replicates accurately combined effects such as packet delay, errors, loss, bandwidth variations, traffic shaping and traffic policing.

VoIP.Master is an advanced turn-up solution for VoIP allowing technicians to deploy VoIP thanks to its emulation capabilities that permit users to connect VoIP.Master to SIP trunks and networks emulating an IPBX, making multiple VoIP calls ensuring the trunk is operational and performing to pre-agreed SLAs.


ALBEDO VoIP.Master develops advanced turn-up and maintenance tools for VoIP and Unified Communications allowing technicians to rapidly turn-up and maintain VoIP trunks and hosted services, VoIP servers, VoIP PBX, terminal equipment, in Carrier, Enterprise and cloud environments..



WAN emulator instrument that can generate network impairments at FPGA performace (full wire-rate) over IP / TCP / UDP networks such as: latency, jitter, loss, error, duplication and modification of the packets. And also Traffic Shaping and Policing to set up actual traffic conditions in the lab or in the field.