Tap & Capture in a bag!

These tools are unique and able to Filter Traffic, Capture, Storage and Tap by hardware at wirespeed in an small, compact and battery operated devices. They support ALL the features of high-end taps adn capture devices in a small, battery operated instrument to provide mobility and storage capacity to reach any point of the network.

Net.Shark and Net.Hunter are equipped with a unique Zero Delay technology that ensures every packet goes through without delay (even if power is lost), providing full passive access from 10 to 1000 Mbit/s without interference or introducing a point of failure.

You can overcome most of the limitations of capture devices, firewalls, protocol analyzers running on Laptops or PCs that are not able to capture live Full Duplex traffic. Captured packets can be either saved onto a hard-disk, an SD card in -PCAP format with time stamp- or copied to a LAN in real time for further analysis. Whatever your job is if you need to sniff live Ethernet/IP packets, ALBEDO can assist you in the process improving the efficiency and the performance of your protocol analyzer while adding mobility, capture filters and local storage.


This instrument is an FPGA-based tap that improves Wireshark performance by means of hardware programmable filters. It can capture packets at wire-speed (2 x GbE) something that Wireshark CPUs can't manage. Powerful, lightweight, batteries, easy to manage, and very competitive.



World first hand-held tool capable to capture ALL packets that are compliant with a trigger condition, or any of the 15 programmable filters. Captured packets can be saved or tapped. Operates at wirespeed without any delay or loss to the live traffic. Undetectable: no MAC, no IP.



Zeus is a tester capable of lossless wirespeed traffic capture in PCAP format. It supports legacy and new generation interfaces in order to verify Ethernet / IP, PTP, SyncE, ToD, IRIG-B, T1 / E1, C37.94, RS-232, G703, GOOSE, SV or MMS, you will get a perfect vision and control of your infrastructures improving protection and data acquisition.



xGenius is a handheld transmission and synchronization tester capable of lossless wirespeed traffic capture in PCAP format. It is light (1.9kg) and rugged. The unit is able to test Ethernet/IP networks up to 10Gb/s while supporting master/slave clock emulation and plenty of Sync-E and PTP testing facilities.