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Net.Shark : New field tap

Includes ALL the features of active taps to tap connecting their favourite protocol analyzer as usually, or go anywhere to filter, capture and save packets. It includes 2x16 programmable filters to identify flows by MPLS, TCP, UDP, VLAN, IP, MAC, etc. work at wirespeed without generating any delay, lost, or jitter


Bye, bye... Wireshark Limits ~~

Now you can filter, tap and capture Tx and Rx simultaneously, at wirespeed, wherever you want

Net.Shark captures, forwards and saves packets at wirespeed to assists PCs that can't manage bit rates higher than a few Mbit/s without generating jitter, delays and loss.


Case studies

  • 'go to the client premises and capture the traffic in both directions'
  • 'how can we tap that VoIP packets in a live line without disturbing the rest of the traffic?'
  • 'the police and the court have requested to capture all the messages from this IP address'
  • 'hi boss, my protocol analyzer does not work at that bit rate, what can I do?'
  • 'we need to filter and tap from one splitter in the tube, but there is not plug!'


Features and Benefits

Built as a field device it can be use anywhere capturing data at any point of the network.

  • 100% firmware/hardware operation means wirespeed & nanosecond accuracy

  • Non-stop packet tap 24/7/365

  • Filter/Capture/Tap at full duplex GbE

  • Filtering, Capture, Decoding & Aggregation by FPGA

  • Smart Capture: first Filter and then Record
  • Storage in SD card
  • NTP Synchronised PCAP Time Stamp
  • Wireshark friendly for protocol analysis

  • VoIP, IPTV, Data, TCP/IP and more

  • Real time Multistream captures for IPTV

  • No MAC, no IP: Undetectable

  • Monitor and Pass through operation modes

  • Captures CRC errored frames
  • Built-in Tap to 1000BASE-T and Wi-Fi

  • Wi-Fi Multi/Broadcast capture & record
  • 15+15 Programmable Filters

  • VNC remote control

  • Access via standard web browser

  • IPv4 and IPv6

  • Fault tolerant to AC power loss

  • 4.5h of operation with batteries

  • 2.6 lbs

  • VNC remote control


Dear Customer,


Net.Shark is an outstanding ALBEDO achievement. A handheld tool that includes absolutely all the features that only advanced taps have in a hand-held, battery operated format in order to reach absolutely any point in the network. Moreover, it does not have competitors at all, because it is the world first field tap. Please, feel free to contact us we can demo or loan a unit.
Kind Regards,

Sales Director

US / Canada: contact Mike
mob: (647)233-7353
tel: (305)847-9059

Latinoamerica: contact Victor
tel: +598 93 700 955

Brasil: contact Aderito
tel: +55 11 5051 1578

Europe: contact Julian
tel: +44 (0) 1865 601957

Germany/Austria/Switzerland: contact Silvan
tel: +41 71 910 03 78

India: contact Prem
tel: +91-98110 55459

Asia: contact Yogesh
tel: +91 70651 71111

MEA: contact Tarek
tel: +34 655 449 589

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