Ether.Genius features in PTP

Keep frequency impairments under control is key to ensure PTP synchronization in LTE and Power Grid and other telecom architectures. The tester permits awesome features, unusual for handy units, such as simultaneous wander tests of PTP and SyncE in real-time with clear results in tables and graphics that include a lot of masks to support the PASS/FAIL criteria.

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Interop Tokyo: Award in Testing

The Best of Interop Awards recognize manufacturers that have made significant technological advancements in specific areas, in this case in Test and Synchronisation . The winners in each category represent the products that INTEROP judges believe have the most significant technical impact on their segment and are helping to move industry forward. Therefore Ether10.Genius represents a range of new capabilities and cutting-edge features.
Ether10.Genius: Best of Interop Awards 2016

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What's up

TradeEvents (2016-17)

Prague (Eur)
Oct 31-3, 2016
table 7th

San Francisco (US)
Sep17-booth N.L37 Barcelone (Eur)
Feb17-booth 6K21

Singapore (Asia)
May 23-25, 2017
booth 1A3-02

IP-PBX and VoIP turn-up

VoIP.Master offers support for VoIP turn-up and maintenance. It can verify VoIP infrastructure allowing users to test and ensure the operation and performance of VoIP networks and equipment. It can emulate an IPBX, making multiple VoIP calls ensuring the trunk is operational and performing to pre-agreed SLA. VoIP.Master can also emulate a SIP network allowing VoIP equipment to be tested without the need for an operational network.

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