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VoIP.Master: service turn-up

VoIP.Master is an advanced turn-up and maintenance solution for VoIP and Unified Communications allowing technicians to rapidly test and deploy VoIP trunks and hosted services, VoIP servers, VoIP PBX, terminal equipment, in Carrier, Enterprise and cloud environments.

SIP, IPBX, MOS, VoIP, T.38 Fax

Powerful VoIP services turn-up

Users can connect VoIP.Master to SIP trunks and networks emulating an IPBX, making multiple VoIP calls ensuring the trunk is operational and performing to pre-agreed Service Level Agreements.

VoIP.Master can support up to 30 simultaneous VoIP calls using Virtual Terminals in PBX and Network emulation mode. Any combination of outgoing/incoming calls is supported, incoming calls on answer are presented with an auto-attendent capability providing users the ability to select the required mode of operation for that call. The workspace provides a single graphical view of the test in process with call statistics, test log and call status all visible. Users can configure all test parameters within the workspace and save a test profile for future recall though a single button.

Case studies

  • (OPERATIONS)'VoIP.Master can also emulate a SIP VoIP network allowing VoIP equipment to be tested without the need for an operational SIP trunk or network'
  • (TEST) 'Outgoing and incoming call support with ability to generate hundreds of calls in bulk call mode'
  • (MANAGEMENT) 'engineers should have a tool capable to test the IP Network and the IPBX'
  • (ENGINEER) 'Mass Call mode allows SIP trunks and VoIP devices to be tested for call capacity under outgoing and incoming calls.'
  • (LAB) 'Real Time colour coded call quality (MOS) indicator for each call with detailed media metrics saved to PDF test report.'
  • (FAX) 'T.38 Fax emulation allows the VoIP network to be tested for its ability to transmit and receive Fax over IP.'

Features and Benefits

Based on a USB memory device, VoIP.Master is a self-contained live software environment that can be run on most x64/x86 based laptops or computers.

  • PBX and Network Trunk SIP Emulation
  • PBX and ITSP Mass Call Mode
  • T.38 Fax and Gateway Emulation
  • MOS indication
  • Detailed RTP statistics
  • Test Pass/Fail thresholds
  • PDF Call Log and Test Statistics
  • Emulate VoIP infrastructure

PORTable & COSTeffective

Dear Customers,

ALBEDO telecom has developed an interesting portfolio of solutions for VoIP turn-up, interoperability and maintenance. Designed to meet the needs of VoIP technicians, VoIP.Master has one of the simplest user interfaces on the market.

US / Canada: contact Mike
mob: (647)233-7353
tel: (305)847-9059

Latinoamerica: contact Victor
tel: +598 93 700 955

Brasil: contact Aderito
tel: +55 11 5051 1578

Europe: contact Julian
tel: +44 (0) 1865 601957

Germany/Austria/Switzerland: contact Silvan
tel: +41 71 910 03 78

India: contact Prem
tel: +91-98110 55459

Asia: contact Yogesh
tel: +91 70651 71111

MEA: contact Tarek
tel: +34 655 449 589

World Local Partners:

V o I P . M A S T E R
(VoIP turn-up)

V o I P - L A B s
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