Smart architecture to simulate,
learn and take correct decisions




Synchronization Lab

Sync.Lab is an Ethernet / IP laboratory with advanced synchronization features that replicates actual architectures. It includes Transmission nodes, Master/Slave PTP clocks, WAN emulation, Packet capture appliances and Field Testers that have been designed for experts willing to experiment telecom architectures under real traffic conditions. With Sync.Lab engineer will be able to model and simulate real networks minimizing risks while taking correct buying, configuration and trobleshooting decisions.

  • execute Proof of Concept of a certain architectures
  • demonstrate feasibility of new appliances
  • verify and compare telecom nodes and network clocks
  • conduct approval and acceptance test on selected components
  • verify network compliance to the standards
  • test specific quality requirements
  • demonstrate interoperability with the installed base
  • select the most suitable resources
  • train students and professional
  • investigate new solutions and architectures
  • learn how to configure and troubleshoot real networks

Sync.Lab is intended to satify the demands of Telecom Manufacturers, Operators, Research Centers and also is an excellent platform to train the staff that will learn how to install and maintain Ethernet / IP transmission networks using PTP and SyncE clocks.

Sync.Lab Architecture

Sync.Lab is built with a combination of the following ALBEDO components:

  1. Net.Sync: PTP client clock with test/measurement features
  2. Net.Storm: WAN emulator or PTP impairments generator
  3. Net.Hunter: Stream-to-disk appliance to capture and protocol analysis
  4. Ether.Genius: Tester to verify Ethernet, PTP, SyncE and clock emulator

ALBEDO telecom will supply original telecomunication books and offer training courses at your presimises or in our headquarters.



TE operators, Power utilities, Airports, Railways and Finance Corporations are adopting PTP as a new paradigm for timing distribution across the existing Ethernet/IP networks. Sync.Lab is a reasonable solution for manufacturers, universities and operators willing to run trials, research programs or learning in a real platform. Every single resource can be spotted and manipulated by the users including reference clocks, traffic load, synchronization profiles, network conditions, frames formats, etc. while a test suite can be run to test and verify every single feature at transmission and timing layers.


Network Design

Sync.Lab provides valuable insight to design networks and Ethernet and PTP planes. It is possible to verify QoS, find tolerances or testing new appliances. Experts will quickly characterize those resources that are in a good shape and which ones require intervention.

Service Activation

The first step it the analysis of KPI of the network that has to transport in terms of capacity and quality that can be determined executing RFC 2544 and eSAM with Ether.Genius tester

Load data traffic

The protocol PTP is designed to work under highly occupied networks that may cause undesired effects such as delay variation that affect Quality. Sync.Lab can emulate data traffic while time messages are transmitted. Engineers can verify if the network are capable to operate properly under different load scenarios.

Telecom timing

Several test are possible to verify Boundary Clock (BC), Transparent Clock (TC) and Ordinary Clock (OC). Grandmaster and time distribution network can be verified with two modes: Net.Sync in slave mode (not time reference) and also in pseudo slave. Ether.Genius can play the role of a Grand Master or Slave to substitute a clock under test. It si also possible to know the quality of 1pps output (or any other output signal) from PTP slave.



Engineers, Professionals and Strudents working for: of telecoms willing to experiment on new topologies and protocols.

  • Telecom Operators (LTE in particular)
  • Universities, R+D centers
  • Finance institutions
  • Power Utilities labs
  • PTP clocks vendors
  • Telecom Integrators
  • Large factories
  • PTP and Synchronous Ethernet vendors
  • R+D centers and synchronization laboratories

Sync.Lab is equipped with all network elements to build real networks while simulating real traffic conditions to validate your practices.