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MeTro.69: Protocol Validator

Advanced testing tool that automates the acceptance test of TR-069 protocols implemented in routers or any CPE. MeTro.69 facilitates the complete validation by means of different Libraries of Test Cases. It supports all BBF data models including TR-181. Tools to set up the testing scenario are included e.g. ftp, http and STUN servers, BBF compliant ACS, traffic generator and analyser. Users can edit proprietary test cases without the need of a SW engineer. It can work against commercial ACS brands. Automatic Wireshark captures are available for debugging tasks.

TR.069 validation test

Automatic TR-069 testing

The best way to optimize the TR-069 test process is to do it automatically in order to achieve, in this way, faster execution and higher quality results. From now on experts can focus their work to analyze the results instead of devoting their time to repeat every single test manually.

Due to the continuous evolution of technology, telecommunications companies often have to remotely update the CPE software using the TR-069 protocol. Verifying its correct support in the CPEs is fundamental so that the Tier 1 operators can carry out their work correctly. If the TR-069 is not working properly the clients will suffer the consequences. They will end up complaining to the Customer Service Departments and finally, it will be necessary to mobilize technicians to solve the problems generated.

There are many issues around TR-069 protocol that can be detected easily:

  • Wrong implementation of RPC method
  • Notifications (Off/Active/Passive) don't work
  • Parameters not defined in the Data Model
  • Can't change values defined as writable
  • Notification of parameters incorrectly defined
  • The CPE losses the connection with the ACS
  • Not possible to create multi-instance objects

All of them could be identified using a PASS/FAIL tool using the criteria specified in the Requirements block that are defined at each test case. It may include several sub-tests and it may generate partial results. In this case users can identify which condition has not been fulfilled, and in which step of the test case failed.

Features and Benefits

Metro.69 is a self-contained live software environment that can be run on most x64/x86 based laptops or computers.

  • Time testing reduction by 85%
  • Increases traceability and reliability
  • PASS/FAIL criteria
  • Optimizes Vendor & Operator coordination
  • Minimizes user interaction
  • Certify multi-vendor interoperability

PORTable & COSTeffective

Dear Customers,

ALBEDO telecom has developed this application to validate the TR-069 protocol in CPEs that includes auxiliary tools to provide realistic scenarios with gateways and LAN devices such as Set-Top-Boxes and VoIP phones.

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