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Take advantage of our expertise, systems, and experience in providing maintenance and monitoring services to operators and providers.

Our solutions combine excellence and high technology with ease of use, covering such technologies as VoIP, IPTV or protocol agnostic Ethernet. We have monitoring systems, impairments generators, taps and more :


ALBEDO VoIP.Master develops advanced turn-up and maintenance tools for VoIP and Unified Communications allowing technicians to rapidly turn-up and maintain VoIP trunks and hosted services, VoIP servers, VoIP PBX, terminal equipment, in Carrier, Enterprise and cloud environments..



WAN emulator instrument that can generate network impairments at FPGA performace (full wire-rate) over IP / TCP / UDP networks such as: latency, jitter, loss, error, duplication and modification of the packets. And also Traffic Shaping and Policing to set up actual traffic conditions in the lab or in the field.



Zeus is a tester designed to install and maintain the communications in the power industry. It supports legacy and new generation interfaces in order to verify Ethernet / IP, PTP, SyncE, ToD, IRIG-B, T1 / E1, C37.94, RS-232, G703, GOOSE, SV or MMS, you will get a perfect vision and control of your infrastructures improving protection and data acquisition.



xGenius is a handheld transmission and synchronization tester equipped with multiple network interfaces and a large capacitive screen. It is light (1.9kg) and rugged. The unit is able to test Ethernet/IP networks up to 10Gb/s while supporting master/slave clock emulation and plenty of Sync-E and PTP testing facilities.