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Take advantage of our expertise, systems, and experience in providing maintenance and monitoring services to operators and providers.

Our solutions combine excellence and high technology with ease of use, covering such technologies as VoIP, IPTV or protocol agnostic Ethernet. We have monitoring systems, impairments generators, taps and more :


This instrument is an FPGA-based tap that improves Wireshark performance by means of hardware programmable filters. It can capture packets at wire-speed (2 x GbE) something that Wireshark CPUs can't manage. Powerful, lightweight, batteries, easy to manage, and very competitive.



World first hand-held tool capable to capture ALL packets that are compliant with a trigger condition, or any of the 15 programmable filters. Captured packets can be saved or tapped. Operates at wirespeed without any delay or loss to the live traffic. Undetectable: no MAC, no IP.