Net.Audit System and results





one-way measurements:
IPRR, bandwidth


(This product is supported until 2025 but it has been discontinued)

Net.Audit is a ONE-WAY and IN-SERVICE Test System, intented to get a permanent and real-time view of the SLA & QoS parameters of carrier IP networks from 100Mbit/s up to 100Gbit/s.

Net.Audit is a system based on Active Probes and distributed Measurements, not based on Routers or Switches MIBs but oriented to Connectivity Services. The key point is that all the measurements are performed IN-SERVICE, while customer applications are working, then it constantly report the QoS changes accross the day or the week.

Another interesting point is that Net.Audit is able to execute ONE-WAY measurements because probes are synchronized by means of NTP or GPS achiving an accuracy better than 1ms.


Features and Benefits

  • Real END-TO-END measurements even behind NAT
  • Based on OWAMP One-way Active Measurement Protocol [RFC4656] for one-way metric
  • Synchronized probes for High accuracy QoE measurements of Bandwidth, QoS and SLA
  • Automatic results by e-mail, web browser, and csv file
  • Self installation system, no screen, no keyboard, no expertise required, only remote access
  • Multiprotocol IPTV, VoIP, and Critical Data enabler
  • Allows the customer to define QoS objectives or SLA
  • Centralised management, remote configuration with no field engineer required
  • Automatic results by e-mail, html / java, and csv file
  • Support of DSCP Classes of Service
  • Point-to-Point & Multipoint-to-Multipoint configurations
  • Highly scalable

Traffic Load


  • LTE one-way delay measurements for PTP deplyment
  • Agnostic QoS monitoring
  • SLA definitions for operators
  • Minimum config needs
  • Enterprice SLA verifications
  • Network Certification
  • Network QoS Auditing
  • VoIP/IPTV prequalification
  • Determines the ITU-T Y-1541


  • Enterprises
  • Critical data applications i.e. telecontrol
  • Telecom Operators
  • Certification companies
  • SLA verification
  • Regulatory Authorities