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Net.Time PTP/NTP over PRP clock

Net.Time a new generation clock

Net.Time represents the state-of-the-art in timing as it has been designed to deploy the most precise and secure synchronization networks that support critical services such as electricity and telecommunications. Net.Time is fault-tolerant, has a built-in GNSS receiver, Rubidium oscillator, redundant power supply and accepts a wide variety of time references that can be used as primary or backup references. Exactly the same time protocols are possible as output signal for distribution while protocol translation is possible in all directions.

Net-Time applcations

Accurate while reliable NG Clock

Accurate and reliable synchronization is an essential resource to keep the stability and safety in 5G as well as in other relevant sectors of the industry including the Power Grid, Finance, Broadcast, IoT, Automation and the Air / Rail / Road Traffic Control. Timing is so crucial that small perturbations may induce a power blackout, phone call breaks, chaos in airports or cause millionaire losses in the stock market.

  • Assurance: Net.Time can be disciplined by GNSS and, for security, flexibility and realibility reasons (GNSS become unavailable) it can also be disciplined with PTP, NTP, ToD and IRIG-B. Then multiple options are available in order to assure timing in case of failure, spoofing or availability.
  • Holdover: You may synchronize with a precision within 10ns for applications and if the reference being used fails the clock switches, with zero switchover, to holdover with 1 us/day accuracy when equipped with Rubidium while the optional OCXO provides a holdover accuracy within 1 us during one hour.
  • Flexibility: The available timing options to be distributed includes PTP, NTP, ToD, Time Pulses, IRIG-B, DCF77, MHz, SyncE and E1/T1.
  • Profile Translator: Several PTP profiles and supported (Telecom, Power, Utility) and the unit can translate each other in order to facilitate the integration of timing networks with different profile
  • Protocol Translator: PTP, NTP, ToD, IRIG-B are accepted as input time references while clock output for time distribution can be PTP, NTP, ToD, Time Pulses, IRIG-B, DCF77, MHz, SyncE and E1/T1
  • Standard: Net.Time is compliant with IEC-61850 therefore it supports optical/electrical GbE from 10Mb/s up to 1Gb/s, PRP, PTP and NTP therefore it is a future-proof investment.
  • Roles: The clock can be configured in multiples ways including stand-alone GPS clock, Grandmaster PTP or part of an enhanced synchronization system configured as Boundary PTP clock. Ordinary clock as well an option to satisfy all demands.
  • Reliability: Ethernet interfaces provide Parallel Redundancy Protocol (PRP) support as Net.Time is native DAN device makin the synchronization network fault tolerant which is ideal for critical application as recomends the IEC 61850 standard.
  • Security: Advanced security is provided by means of SSH with password and fully encrypted configuration in local and remote access.
  • Redundancy: Single or Double power supplies is accepted in a redundant configuration options include 18-75 Vdc, 100-370 Vdc, 85-264 Vac while the power consumption is one of the lowest in the market 10W or 14W with Rubidium because the electronic is modern then making longer the live expactation of the electronics.

Net.Time has awesome features to meet the state-of-the-art synchronization based on IEC standards while maintaining all the installed base.

Signals & Interfaces

The internal Rubium or OCXO oscillator can be disciplined not only by the GPS but also alternative signals are including ToD, NTP, 1pps, MHz, Mbit/s and SyncE. Moreover it can also be configured as a Boundary PTP clock.

Input/Output interfaces

Net.Time Power input interfaces
Net.Time pannel output interfaces
Net.Time Power modular output interfaces

Net.Time Applications


Net.Time is a boundary clock designed to simplify migration to PTP protocol from previous generation architectures. Net.Time offers seamless translation while offering a high variety of clock reference inputs and outputs that may be used as primary or backup references, monitoring and synchronization of both new generation and legacy appliances.


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