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Net.Time Phi PTP/NTP over PRP clock

Net.Time φ a PTP/NTP over PRP clock

Net.Time φ is a PTP/NTP over PRP clock designed to facilitate the integration of conventional substations with the new IEC 61850 standards by offering a wide variety of reference inputs and outputs. It can be equipped with a Rubidium oscillator, the best option for time quality especially in hold-over. It is powerful as it supports up to 22 simultaneous outputs, and very flexible because it can be disciplined with multiple back-up inputs.

Net-Time applcations

Grid Automation

Net.Time φ is a Master PTP/NTP designed to facilitate a seamless integration of legacy infrastructures with IEC 61850 deployments. It is equipped with 2 x optical (SFP) and 2 x electical (RJ45) interfaces from 10Mb/s up to 1Gb/s supporting PTP, NTP, SyncE, ToD, IRIG-B, DCF77, T1, E1 and BITS. The internal oscillatior can be Rubidium or OCXO to be disciplined with any signal including GPS, PTP, PPS, MHz, TDM, SyncE and IRIB-B as well.

  • Flexibility: options include PTP, NTP, ToD, Time Pulses, IRIG-B, DCF77, MHz, SyncE and E1/T1. It can also simultaneously manage clients with different PTP profiles.
  • Protocol Translator: PTP, NTP, ToD, IRIG-B are accepted as input time references while clock output for time distribution can be PTP, NTP, ToD, Time Pulses, IRIG-B, DCF77, MHz, SyncE and E1/T1.
  • Interconnections: Net.Time offers seamless translation of protocols by means of a wide variety of inputs / outputs for primary or backup time references..
  • Native PRP: The PRP offered by Net.Time, for both NTP and PTP, deserves to be highlighted as it avoids the use of external RedBoxes that would increase the cost of the installation.
  • PTP Migration: : Net.Time ensures PTP co-existence with SNTP, IRIG-B that favors cooperation, interconnection and smooth migration as all time protocols are treated with the same level of accuracy.
  • 512 clients : It has 2 x Gigabit ports and a hardware PTP engine capable to synchronize 512 clients in unicast mode
  • Fanless Operation: Net.Time is a clock totally prepared for the challenging environment and temperature up to 65ºC of substations
  • PTP Roles: The clock can be configured as stand-alone GPS clock, Grandmaster or slave clock.
  • Redundancy: Single or Double power supply is accepted in a redundant configuration options.
  • Fault Tolerant: Net.Time accepts several references that can be programmed hierarchically making it in a sophisticated, versatile and reliable clock.

Net.Time has awesome features to meet the state-of-the-art synchronization based on IEC standards while maintaining the installed base.

Dear Customer,

Time is an indispensable resource in Grid Automation, applications such as Data Acquisition, Protection Relays Switchgears, SCADA, Events logging, Synchrophasors even in Virtual Plants require accurate timing to work. The data, captured at multiple points of the grid, must be correlated and then processed consequently only a perfect synchronization permits taking correct decisions to manage, distribute and protect the power service. Net.Time facilitates the interconnection, stability and performance through a complete set of standardized protocols that cover most of the timing requirements of the substation.

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N E T . T I M E
(PTP/NTP clock)

Net.Time Phi in the substation

Net.Time Modules

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