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Net.Time GM52
Net.Time GM52 Grandmaster

ALBEDO Telecom announces Net.Time GM52 a double port (opt/elec) PTP Grandmaster conceived to supply synchronization to industrial an telecom systems. Once locked its internal clock --based on OCXO or Rubidium-- delivers accurate time in PTP packets to all clients (up to 2048) connected to the IP network. This Grandmaster has also an additional number of time inputs/outputs including GNSS, T1/E1, 10MHz, SyncE, 1pps and ToD to facilitate full compatibility with the installed subsystems. Net.Time GM is a fanless, rack-mountable, faul tolerant clock with remarkable performance, particularly in hold-over mode.

Synchronization, testers and clocks for PTP

PTP and Critical Time Applications

Telecom operators, Power utilities, Finance corporations, Manufacturing plants, Terrestrial, Aerial transport... all of them are migrating the existing synchronization plant to PTP protocol in order to satisfy the new demands they have to support mission critical applications that now require, not only frequency information, but also phase and time:

  • 4G and 5G: LTE requires not only frequency but also phase synchronization to increase the efficiency. PTP is the solution as a massive deployment of GPS is not practical.
  • Finance Systems: PTP improves the accuracy of synchronized transactions and time-stamped banking events that are logged in a chronological sequence.
  • Atomic Accuracy: Net.Time GM equipped with a Rubidium clock provides the highest accuracy and the best hold-over. OCXO is also available as default option.
  • Legacy time signals: This appliance also supports a bundle of input/output signals (such as T1, E1, 1.5/2/10MHz, 1pps, ToD and SyncE) to ensure full compatibility with legacy and new synchronization systems.
  • Power Fault Tolerant: Net.Time GM has a triple redundancy by means of two AC/DC power converters and an addition pack of Lipo batteries that would permit full operation during 3 hours in case of fatal failure.

Net.Time GM52 has awesome features to pave the migration to the state-of-the-art synchronization based on IEEE 1588v2 (PTP) standards.

Double Port opt/electrical

The internal Rubidium or OCXO clock it generally disciplined by GPS but alternative signals are also accepted including 1pps, MHz, Mbit/s and SyncE. I the event that the selected time reference is lost or not available Net.Time GM52 can work in hold-over mode very accurately.

Alternative interfaces

Net.TimeGM interfaces
  • SMA (x4): for GNSS(n), 1pps(in), 1pps(out)
  • BNC (x2): for T1(in), T1(out), E1(in), E1(out), 10MHz(in), 10MHz(out)
  • RJ45: for T1(in/out), E1(in/out), 10MHz(in/out)
  • SFP (x2): for PTP (out), SyncE (in/out)
  • 1000BASE-T (x2): for PTP (out), SyncE (in/out)
  • RJ48 (x2): for 1pps(in), ToD(in), 1pps(out), ToD(out)

PTP testing guide booklet


This is a comprehensive tutorial about PTP installation and maintenance is now available. Herein you will find everything you always wanted to know about PTP commissioning (but were afraid to ask).


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