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Ether.Genius : 6-in-1 tester

ALBEDO Ether.Genius is a multitechnology tester equipped with all the features you need to install or maintain telecom networks based on Gigabit Ethernet (GbE), Synchronous Ethernet (SyncE), T1, E1, Datacom, Precision Time Protocol (PTP IEEE 1588), Jitter/Wander, C37.94 and One-way-delay test. Moreover, in order to provide accurate time and synchronization measurements it can also be equipped with built-in GPS receiver and an atomic Rubidium clock to work in hold over mode without external time references.

T1, E1, GbE, SyncE, Datacom, Jitter/Wander, PTP-1588v2

No modules... no problems  ;-)

Forget what you heart about vertical products, when you buy Ether.Genius you get the FULL set on first day bases

The hardware is everyday cheaper, smaller and powerful. So, there is no need for external modules, everything fits on a modern hand-held units. What I mean is that all the electronics including line interfaces can always be there and you pay only for those that you really need.

Simple - there's no need for connectors to attach modules, therefore ensuring perfect operation every time. In other words, you can concentrate on your work as you will never ever lose, forget or break another technology module!

Case studies

  • (OPERATIONS)'we need to roll-out Giga Ethernet but we still have T1, E1 clocks to synchronize on some network nodes'
  • (FINANCE) 'migration towards SyncE has been decided, so the company doesn't need to invest in two separate units for asynchronous and SyncE, just a single GbE test instrument'
  • (MANAGEMENT) 'engineers must be ready and able to troubleshoot any technology'
  • (ENGINEER) 'yes boss, we are willing to do it, we just need a good van and a multitech instrument'
  • (LAB) 'prepare a PTP Master/Slave emulator to test the new LTE base station but please verify both internal and external clock reference'
  • (POWER) 'please verify the hi-voltage teleprotection of lines, multiplexers, transformers and generation plant'

Features and Benefits

Built with latest technology it is a light while rugged tester that facilitates many hours of continuous operation.

  • Ports: 2T1/E1 +2GBE+DTE/DCE
  • RFC 2544, eSAM (Y.1564), SLA
  • Clock: Recover, 2048 kb/s, 2048 kHz
  • Synch: G.8261, G.8262, G.8264
  • SyncE MTIE/TDEV measurement
  • Wander analysis / generation
  • IEEE 1588v2 support decoding
  • PTP master / slave
  • FULL T1, E1 test Jitter/Wander, Pulse
  • One-way delay test (GPS accuracy)
  • Datacom with Standard cables
  • DTE+DCE for all operation modes
  • VNC remote control


Dear Customer,

Ether.Genius is a good devices that includes all the hardware of four ALBEDO testers:

  • Ether.Giga (GbE tester)
  • Ether.Sync (SyncE/PTP tester)
  • AT.One (T1/E1/Datacom tester)
  • AT.2048 (E1/Datacom tester)

This test set includes all the hardware as standard whilst the features are activated by soft keys. This is an outstanding advantage for field engineers that can troubleshoot legacy (but still in full use) technologies such as T1, E1, or current technologies such as GbE, or future technologies such as SyncE without the cost of buying additional hardware

Kind Regards,

Sales Director

US / Canada: contact Mike
mob: (647)233-7353
tel: (305)847-9059

Latinoamerica: contact Victor
tel: +598 93 700 955

Brasil: contact Aderito
tel: +55 11 5051 1578

Europe: contact Julian
tel: +44 (0) 1865 601957

Germany/Austria/Switzerland: contact Silvan
tel: +41 71 910 03 78

India: contact Prem
tel: +91-98110 55459

Asia: contact Yogesh
tel: +91 70651 71111

MEA: contact Tarek
tel: +34 655 449 589

World Local Partners:

iPhone or iPAD Remote Control

E T H E R . G E N I U S


E T H E R . G I G A
(gbe tester)


E T H E R . S Y N C
(synce ptp tester)


A T - O N E
(T1 / E1 / data tester)


A T - 2 0 4 8
(E1 / data tester)

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